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Weatherproof Irish fashion: inspired by the landscape to keep out the elements

The Offaly-based designer Amie Egan on making everything by hand and looking to the landscape

Thank you Deirdre McQuillan for the feature!

READ HERE - https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/fashion/weatherproof-irish-fashion-inspired-by-the-landscape-to-keep-out-the-elements-1.3777875


Words by Deirdre McQuillan for The Irish Times, Photography Agata Stoinska, Production Agata Stoinska and Eddie Shanahan, Styling Amie Egan and Eddie Shanahan, Clothes by AMIE EGAN, Hair and make-up Ivy Sullivan, Model Niamh McCormack, Shot on location at D-light Studios, Dublin.